Tack Store

Stop by Wickenburg Trailer Sales and see the new tack & feed store!

We have horse supplements, psyllium and electrolytes; dewormers; fly sprays, masks and traps; grooming items and first-aid supplies; tack, equipment and buckets; ropes, gloves and horn wraps; shoes & farrier supplies; cowhide rugs and accessories; art; dog toys and more!

The Tack Store at Wickenburg Trailer Sales is popular with ropers and horse enthusiasts because we have what you need:

  • Quality hay & feed - Alfalfa, Alfalfa Mix, Bermuda, Teff, Timothy and steer hay are always available. We carry feed brands such as Renew Gold, Total Equine, Standlee, Safe Choice, Integrity, Omega Horse Shine and more.
  • Bedding
  • Ropes
  • Tack
  • Farrier Supplies
  • Horse & cattle care essentials
  • Delivery service